Picture Hanging Tool with Level Easy Frame Picture Hanger Wall Hanging Kit (Red)


  • Multifunctional Wall hanging kit: This Picture Hanging Kit is ideal for hanging pictures, photo frames, mirrors, clocks, artwork, plates, and degrees. The level gauge can also be used alone to accurately measure other things such as TV stands, switch sockets on the wall, kitchen and bathroom accessories.
    Material : ABS plastic; Size: 34.9X9X4.9 cm.Picture Frame Hanger Tools with Level Suitable for All Wall Materials, Picture Frame Ruler for Marking Position, Hooks, Nails and Hanger Level.
    Quickly Accurately for Marking: wall frame marking tool image tools needed for picture framing tools for DIY picture framing. Vertical and horizontal bubbles built into the level ensure your photos are not distorted. perfectly marked on the wall where the nails need to be placed.
    How to use: Step 1:Simply place your picture frame or another item on the hook. Step 2:Visually hang your art where you want to find the right spot on the wall. Step 3:Press the button to mark where the nail goes, hammer the nail in. Step 4:Hang and level it. You are done
    Note: Be careful not to nails your hand. Do not let children under 10 touch them to avoid unnecessary injuries. If there is any problem with the product, we will provide the customer with a replacement.


Picture Hanging Tool

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  • Easy Frame Tool for Marking Position and Measuring the Suspension and Horizontal Wall of the Roof.
  • This simple tool just might change your life or at least in your living room wall. The Picture Hang Tool with Level is designed to mark exactly where the nail goes—no struggling to find a pen or pencil—and has rubber cushions on the back to protect your walls from scratches.
  • Simply slide it to where you want your picture, hang it right there on the hook (or two if it’s a heavy piece), and push. The built-in metal pins mark exactly where the nail goes, which means no mistake holes.

How to use?

How to use the Picture Hangers?

  • Place your picture on the hook. Use one hook for a small or light picture, Two hooks for large heavier picture
  • Position your picture on the wall, Find the right spot. Remove the picture without moving the tool
  • Press the button to mark exactly where the nail goes
  • Hammer the nails into the wall
  • Hang your picture and then level it using the tool.


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