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“I am loving this waist trainer belt. I put this on and wow what a difference. Definitely feel the difference. I recently gave birth ten months ago and had an epidural. I believe that’s partly why my back hurts so often, partly as I’ve had back pain a while. It helps with posture and it reduced the pain and discomfort I felt. Overall awesome product and I look forward to results after longer wear.”

Talal C.

” When I first got my corset I could barely tighten up. After a few weeks I was able to tighten it more and more, little by little. I had weighed about 160 pounds. Now I am between 145 and 150 pounds. I am now almost able to close it, but not quite. I will get there soon though and I can’t wait. This product gives me confidence, self esteem, and encourages me to eat better and exercise! Love it!”

Tina M.

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